di5 architekti inženýři

Interior design

From the very beginning of the project, di5 does not separate building construction from interior design.

Workplace design

When designing the interior, we always analyze the needs, work procedures and specific requirements of future users.

A well-designed work place or environment has a positive influence on workers, their cooperation, working efficiency and, not least of all, their corporate identity. Lighting, furniture and color design are, of course, elements of our interior workplace design.

Housing development

Part of each house or flat design is a concept solution for an original interior, its operational connections, coloring and also lightning. Appropriate spatial coordination of individual operations and functional complexes leads to saving space and a desired esthetic impression even during everyday use. Suitably selected coloring and lightning helps emphasize the strength of the offered spatial arrangement.


Interior design of shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. also belongs to our scope of activities. Here again we respect the operational regularity, ideas and wishes of the investor as well as the unique and original expression of the result.